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Here’s an interesting watch from Projects- the Iridium Color Changing watch. Astute viewers of this site will notice that the watch has no hands! So how does it tell time? It’s an unsolved mystery we’ll never know. Or with colors. The hours are represented by the color blue and the minutes are shown in red. The two colors travel around the clock changing the numbers to the appropriate shade. When the minute hand and hour hand are due to cross, the numbers turn purple. Neat handless design.

This unusual watch costs $119.


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Interesting concept. Too bad you can't tell time in between each number. Then again, most people tell time in 5-minute increments anyway.

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And I thought Luch One hand watches were
the goofiest!!!
I ain't seen nothing yet. My whole fambly
has fallen prey to Smart watches. How dang
retarded is it watching someone thumping
their smart watch like a watermellon to get
the time?

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