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I called Invicta's CS on Friday 11-20-09 thinking I was calling The Shop but it was answered my a human at Invicta.

I, yes I lost the little three page warranty card with the serial number for the five year warranty. The Gentleman that answered the phone was very helpful. I told him I needed to activate my 5 year warranty and I had lost the paperwork. He asked my Zip code and last name. Then he asked for the model number and invoice number. No more questions. Then while watching the screen with all my warranty information on the Invicta site my new watch appeared. NOW, that is just the worst service in the world. First he was very polite, joked with me and then fixed the problem.

How dare Invicta treat me this way. I told the CS rep that I was going to tell all of my fellow watch feeks how I was treated. Well, he had the nerve to ask me if there was anything else he could help me with. On top of all this he thanked me for calling CS and if anything else needed to be dealt with just give them a call.

I never! Where was the long wait that ALL my other watch feeks were subject to just to get to the automated phone system. I feel cheated that I did not get to be transferred to six different people before someone hung up on me. I also had to endure the pain for talking to a real human. Then to top it all off, It took less then 5 minutes to solve my problem. That is just wrong. All I hear is how long all you other feeks got to wait and hang on before your problem was NOT solved. I feel cheated. I'll show Invicta, I will buy another 20 or 30 watches and show them that they can not treat me this way. Thanks for letting me vent. Just hate good service and friendly people in the CS department!.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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