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As with every CS experience....each one is different. CS is my expertise....and even I have P.O.ed people when I was a CS manager. But...I always managed to rectify the situation...and help the customer. Bad CS is tougher to recover from than most people understandd. It leaves the customer with a bad memory of the company and can take many good company's down a long, bad spiral out of control where they lose customer confidence. As I try to tell everyone....when calling CS...have a good attitude, be positive, and most of all...don't lose your cool. A calm, soft spoken voice works better than a screaming yelling one. Even when I am upset...I am calm and soft spoken over the phone with the CS department. Usually...I get results the best when I am this way. If I really get upset...then I let my wife take over....and believe me...they don't want that to happen. I am the nice guy!!!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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