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Watchride wrote:
As a member who was banned from the other place it is nice to have a nice place to visit.The horror stories are all too real.I had an issue with the great Invicta.They sent me 16 defects in a row to make up for the 3 they broke in their service department.They stuck me with the last 4 and refuse to even fixor swap them (if they even can fix them).They even sent one of the defects I sent back in to be fixed to another customer to make up for damaging his!It took over a year and a half to end up with 4 defects that are a daily reminder of why I will never do business with them again.Eyal knew about all of this and didn't care.
Mark, glad to see you make it over here. I read your posts at Geeks and really went through some crap. It's amazing to me that these kinds of things can happen to anyone who spends there money with a given company! Sorry you didn't get a proper resolution.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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