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This is a Pro Diver with sapphire crystal and the ETA G15 retrograde chrono movement. It is in VERY good shape. The bracelet and clasp appear to have a few desk diver marks but they do NOT penetrate the black IP.

The black IP plating is as it came from Invicta...not the best in the world...but looks good...just seems a tiny bit uneven in places...but from more than a foot away you would never know. This is on the finish is very good and even.

It has a black MOP dial...dont expect any light shows from this one...its pretty, but the sub dials take up a lot of the surface area, so very little MOP is actually there.

Could almost pass for new...but its not new, Kristie has worn it before.

300m WR, Sapphire crystal, screw down crown and pushers and supported scissor style safety lock divers clasp...great watch and not at all easy to find.

It is sized to fit a 7" wrist a bit loosely...NO extra links or only.

Shipped USPS priority mail will be shipped Monday with delivery confirmation.

Price is 150 shipped OBO. Paypal only please.

Will be working this weekend. I will respond as I am able, but may not be real quick.

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