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Introducing the Hanuman

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Another Seiko being marketted for the Thai market Seiko Prospex Hanuman Thailand Limited Edition (MM300),

The watch pays tribute to Indian literature the Seiko SLA068J depicts Hanuman the son of The Pie, the god of the wind, the red color on the edge of the dial is drawn from the "streak", and the red stripes drawn on the head of the head, a line that represents the direction of movement of the upper organs on the face. Wrinkles of the skin, eye layers, thin hairs, and some special symbols of that character.
It is limited to only 500 pieces which makes it a real limited edition and being sold for 135,000 baht which translates to about 4,100 USD. You do not have to go to Thailand to pick one up as I have seen it being for sale on Chrono24. I really like the colors used in the packaging.

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Boy oh boy, that is so nice Bob, wow, and I thought that we had
some great Seiko watches here. (y)(y)..However, these limited
creations for Thailand are off the charts cool ! 😎😎 Plus I swear
the detail, along with colors are wonderful, and that’s before you
even have the terrific meaning behind the watch, and what it pays
tribute to. 😉

Really want to thank you for the phenomenal report sir !!!
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