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I recently picked up a NOS Ebel Classic Hexagon Power Reserve based on it having only the exact features that I wanted on one watch.... a large readable dial with contrasting hands, day, date, and power reserve.

I bought it without having ever seen one in person, and at first was a bit perplexed by how different it was than most of the other watches I've owned. After a month or two of wearing this watch, I'm convinced this watch should have been a wild success, except for Ebel's marketing strategy (and that of its parent company, Movado Group) and strongly suggest any serious watch enthusiast consider this excellent and unique execution.

I'll save the basic specs for later, and first focus on what makes it so special.
I wanted a large dial so it would be easier to read, but was initially uneasy with just how large the watch is. At 45.40 mm on my 7.5" wrist it just looked strangely massive compared to the rest of my collection.

But, unlike most other large diameter watches, the Ebel wears very comfortably, so much so that I often forget I'm wearing it!

Slender & Sleek:Part of this comfort is accomplished by the fact that it's quite thin for this diameter, measuring just 11.40mm on my calipers. The screw-down crown is also modestly sized, and partially recessed into the case so it is protected but without protrusions, so it neither is prone to striking objects nor does it ever dig into the back of my hand.

Somewhat shockingly, the case-back is solid... which will really catch you off guard the first time that registers as to how different that is. This means the movement would need to be serviced from the front, a minor inconvenience really, but still so very different it's mildly disorienting. The upside of this is that case-back is beautifully finished and contoured to fit your wrist like no other watch I've ever worn.

In addition, the lugs are quite short and angled perfectly so as to maintain a very low and comfortable profile.

Words cannot adequately express how comfortable this watch is to wear, even forgetting it spectacular size.

Strap/Clasp:The Alligator strap is unlike any I've seen, being highly integrated into the case with screws that fasten from the underside, rather than traditional spring bars, and it becomes much thinner toward the ends, with no holes, anywhere.

The deployment clasp is equally unique, and is the reason why the strap is designed the way that it is. The tapered end of the strap is held in place by friction, making the size infinitely adjustable for comfort, and then tucks into and under the deployment, leaving nothing exposed.

This not only creates an exceptionally clean look, but also provides a "snag free" strap experience and is remarkably comfortable as well.

Dial & Features:
As a complete package, the gold-tone hands on the light colored dial with applied markers are exceptionally easy to read. Even with rather poor eyesight I can instantly tell the time on this watch with a mere glance. The Day of the week sub-dial with mirrored edge is exceptional and functional. The the retrograde date is a visually beautiful complication and easy to read. And, if you like a power-reserve indicator (one of my requirements) then this one is also exceptionally well executed.

My Lepsi Scope timegrapher measures this watch at between .5 and 1.4 seconds per day, depending on position, which is more than accurate enough for me, and exceptionally so for this price range.


SKU 1215833
Brand EBEL
Case Stainless steel, 45.40mm x 11.40mm
Dial Silver-coloured, 12 applied indexes
Movement Automatic Ebel Caliber 303, 42 hour power reserve
Strap Brown alligator, brown stitching, handstitched
Buckle Deployment clasp
Crystal Sapphire crystal with antireflective treatment on both sides
Crown Screw-in crown
Functions Hours, minutes, seconds, day, retrograde date, power reserve:

I had little awareness of what made this watch so outstanding when I ordered it online, and was a bit tentative about it at first, but at this point, I couldn't be any more pleased with this watch or suggest a single improvement. Coming from a very particular and detail oriented person, that's saying a lot.

Photos... pay special attention to the low profile, lugs, crown and clasp.


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Congratulations on your new watch and the thorough review.

It's a good looking piece and based on your photographs it does not appear to wear too largely, given its ample size. Enjoy that one.
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