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Yesterday was a day of unpacking, doing laundry, shaking off the let-lag and doing some grocery shopping. Before we left, our fridge was emptied of all perishables and so was everything outside of the fridge. Our daughter, who was supposed to do some of the grocery shopping for us the day before we would return, got sick sand stayed with her in-laws in another town near Rotterdam. Empty fridge and pantry so to speak :D

I sorted through the mail and packages that were waiting. Nothing special and my G. Gerlach Navigator replacement is still en route.

But after that we went to visit Anne's father. He asked us to buy a Blangkon for him, a typical Javanese headdress for men. Now only worn by restaurant staff, street vendors and hospitality staff. Once ubiquitous, now folklore. Just like our 'wooden shoes'. But instead of just buying him a Blangkon we decided to get him the full attire. So, the Blangkon, a Jas (jacket), a sarong and a pair of slippers.

The look on his face was priceless and he just couldn't stop laughing and smiling. This alone was worth the whole disappointing return trip tenfold. He is almost 80 years now and will wear it at his next birthday.

This post is a short one but more will follow, concentrated on the trip itself. This is him, I love him dearly and love to see him happy at his old age:

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