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Incoming: Glycine Airman Double 24 09 Limited Edition

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Opened up the wallet a bit this fine Sunday and this is the result. They only made 300 of these bad boys. 44mm Ref.3886

I can't stand buckles so will take the OEM strap off and replace with a beefy deployment something or other. Keeps it mint anyways. Any suggestions what might look good on it? Leather or bracelet for sure, no rubber or natos etc. It's a polished satin finish though so might be tough to match the finish with a bracelet unless it's something from the factory. And even then who knows.


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Great Glycine pickup!!

As far as straps, lots of great choices out there, from affordable to hand made customs, etc. And Panatime I believe sells deployant buckles from straps.
Well, Glycine does have different packaging.
That I know for a fact as I've received the standard black leather box, but have seen the black with cream felt lining and also the wood.
I think some of the difference there is market, where they are being sold. I don't think they ship the wood boxes to much because of possibility of it breaking.

As far as the strap, I don't know. I have reviewed a $2800 Glycine Lagunare that came with a standard rubber and the small thumbnail buckle as you show.
I'm going to pm you an email address to contact someone at Glycine USA.
Maybe email them the pictures you posted and ask if they can help authenticate a little more.

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