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I guess the Skin's think they need to do something about the running back issues they have had in the past...but why go with a bunch of beat upveteran's? Running back have the shortest "life span" in the NFL now days. There is just only so much pounding the body can take, and most of the Skin's backs have taken way too much punishment!!! LJ...he was the only weapon for the Chiefs for many years...Portis is reaching the end of his career...Westbrook can ill afford anymore concussions. The Skins should have used one of their many draft picks to get themselves a decent running back...although the RB crop was thin in this year's draft.

I know there are others on here that played college ball...but the beating you take in college is no picnic...and on the professional's even more severe. So after playing ball in HS and college...once a RB gets to the professional level...his years of productivity are numbered. The days of guys carrying the ball 30 to 40 times a gameare in the past. Most teams now try to at least have two good RB's that can split the time and one other specialized player for 3rd down who can play a variety of positions...Reggie Bush is an example. There are still plenty of undrafted free agents out there that the Skin's can sign and at least give them a why would they try to pick up Westbrook???

Just my 2 cents....
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