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I Like The Ultra Cheapies Too

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Arrmitron has some interesting quite inexpensive watches. Below is one I have on the way. Note the claimed water resistance rating. Functions include: chronograph, lap time, alarm, dual time, military time and back light. Price on Amazon currently $19.99. My other Armitron is their red LED digital watch.

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I also have the Armitron Griffy digital watch.
The company has a very interestin history.

I have a Griffy too, the silver & gold 2 color version with red LEDs. Also a Hamilton LED from the 1970s that eats two 357 batteries per year even when not worn much. Still a good choice for night time wear.
Here is a steel cased Armitron digital watch model 40/8188 that was on sale a few days ago on Amazon for $10.83 including tax. Not due for delivery until late January 2023 unfortunately. IMO not going to get much less expensive for a name brand stainless steel cased chronograph watch. Currently unavailable for order from Amazon per their listing but it is available from other sources per Google, though probably not at the sale price. Current price on Armitron is $17. IMO not the prettiest watch I have seen but definitely a inexpensive beater steel cased watch with electroluminescent night lighting.

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Arrived today but the Amazon watch description is incorrect. Amazon lists watch case as stainless steel but the watch back cover states that the case is Acrylic and the watch is light enough so I believe the Acrylic case description. Also the face is a bit busy with the smaller letters hard to read. I much prefer the Armitron in post 14 above as having a larger diameter LCD display with more readable size characters in a more logical layout. However for the sale price on this one of $10 + tax I cannot complain much. Both are rated for 330 Ft water resistance. The watch in post 14 also looks to have a more readily replaceable band if necessary, another advantage.
Below is a better looking IMO Armitron all digital LCD watch in the $25 range. This is a great night time watch with electroluminescent back light that evenly illuminates the whole quite large dial. Good for astronomy, spelunking and other low light activities. The case and strap are more traditional in design with a relatively soft silicone strap. The crystal is plastic so is subject to potential scratching, not surprising at this price point. The LCD display is about 30mm in diameter and the watch about 51mm overall including the side buttons. Claims to be water resistant to 100 meters.

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This Armitron uses a industry standard 22mm wide watch band. I have installed a steel mesh watch band on mine from Eache. I like the design as these use a deployment clasp and a tool-less sliding length adjustment which seems to be quite secure.

I love vintage, analog Armitrons! They have some very unique watches for cheap. Here is one of my favorites (under $20, but used). Both photos are of the same watch... the dial changes colors depending on angle and light quality. Real stainless and glass, 5ATM.


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