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lowcal1 wrote:
Thanks for mentioning that Rob; let me clarify, the box only. We're cool but I don't think he likes me THAT much! :)
Now that's funny... I don't care who you are...:lol besides there's no way I could fill the case with all those RESERVE watches TK has...
Eric busted his butt to help pull off our GGT here in socal and I needed to pay him back a little something for his efforts.. I look at it this way.. it's a win win for us both.. HE get's a new 20 slot watch case... AND I get to do what I LOVE.. woodworking..:c
Enjoy the watch case my WatchFreek Brotha & Friend.
it makes me really happy to see stuff like this. such good members.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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