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I feel I must say this

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And admittedly it's a highly biased political statement:
REF: Putin vs Ukraine

My deepest sympathies go to the Ukrainians - but also to the numerous sacrificed Russian soldiers, all victims of Putin.
While difficult to admit I can not hate these Russian pawns; my condolences go to their families.

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Soldier on Ukraine;
Putin: make love, not war.
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I actually don't think it's really political Wrascal. But rather is more
just an honest to goodness human commonsensical view of things.
One which I bet most every one of us can agree on. Or do agree on.
In fact, just imagine how Russia along with Ukraine would get along
with each other without controlling power hungry leaders at the
helm. ..Honestly, If that were actually the case, I don't think there
would have been one single second of war this year there. Or one
lost life.

It's the same thing for the rest of the world as well I think. Because
for the most part, it's a lot of the leaders that look for trouble. Or
might have plans to make trouble. However, I think the people in all
of the countries would rather just simply be friends, or in a lot of
cases, family, and actually get along with one another.

Want to honestly thank you again for talking about all of this sir ! ..I
know it's something that we all hear about all of the time. But don't
always share our thoughts on. So thanks very much once again !
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