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... but yesterday I was treated to a hands on look at such beautiful and rare old piece - a genuine unicorn - that I just have to share with you guys.

My watchmaker and I were kicking back with a few beers (ok, a LOT of beers!) after a busy day - I'd just finished a hydro-modded G-Shock but unfortunately the module had died - when he came over all coy and excited.

"Toby, I think you're going to like this", and he wandered over to a corner of his workshop. He knows I'm a watch nut, and pretty much every time we meet he has something nice to show me. But this was something different. Something special - an all original Enicar Sherpa chronograph with none other than the legendary Valjoux 72 inside.

But it gets better. It was fitted with the original bracelet, with the original Enicar signed clasp. In excellent condition.

But it gets even better. This chrono wasn't mint - it's some 40+ years old, after all - but the case was in remarkably good condition and the dial glowed with just the most perfect patina I think I've ever seen on a 20th century watch.

The watch was so perfect, I couldn't work out at first why it was in the shop at all.

"Look carefully mate, look at the hands".

Upon very close inspection, the hands indeed had some very slight corrosion. Even with my 20/20 eyesight I could barely see it. But it was there.

So he's going to clean and polish each hand individually, to restore this beauty to be about the most beautiful auto chrono any of us are ever likely to see.

Can you imagine the dexterity and skill required to work on those teeny, tiny hands? Can you imagine the repercussions if he messes it up? The guy has the steadiest hands I've ever seen and balls of brass! He's one of the old school, a true master craftsman. I felt incredibly privileged just to have him share a tiny bit of his knowledge and experience with me, to enjoy a few drinks with the guy, and to just have a yarn about everything from vintage clocks we've worked on to our love of performing (he's a drummer from way back, I'm an aspiring stand-up comic).

It really was an afternoon to remember.

Sorry guys, no pics - I only had my HTC One and the light in his shop isn't the best. An old beauty like that deserves the full glamour treatment.

Oh, and we've got plenty of silicone oil left if any of you are interested in having one of your Gs hydro-modded. We use only the best oil, made in the USA. Naturally!

And the obvious question, which I blurted out approximately 1.2 seconds after realising what I was holding... Unfortunately this one isn't for sale at any price. It belongs to a Melbourne woman, handed down from her father who recently passed away. Oh well, I tried! But although I was disappointed that I couldn't nab it up for myself, on the other hand it really makes me happy to know that this perfect piece is truly treasured beyond any mere monetary value.

Money comes, money goes, but memories and love last a lifetime. Let's none of us forget how truly valuable our friends and families are this Christmas season.

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