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Ive seen this question come up before but this is a bit different.

My MM300 is a favorite of mine and lately Ive been rotating my watches after 3 to 4 weeks of use. I give it a pretty good wind before I slap it on. This time around, the time is spot on. Deviation negligible. So far time on wrist one week. The time before this rotation which lasted for 3 weeks it was loosing a couple of minutes per week. The time before that it was spot on but I only used it for 1 week. Below are some data points.

1. I am pretty active. At a min I walk at a brisk pace about 2 miles a day plus other activities or walking through out the day. Some days less but I am still pretty active.

2. When I remove the watch I place it on my night stand with out concern for how the watch sits.

3. Last time I did a rotation on my MM300 my daughter made the comment that my watch stuck to the bottom of my surface tablet (stuck to the magnet). I was not there so I don't know how bad it was. However, its worth mentioning that the issue presented itself a bit before this event and it seemed to get worse but that could be paranoia.

4. This time around I've been using it on a IsoFrane so I guess it pretty much sits flat and face up every time I put it on my night stand. The last two times before this time I was using the bracelet. That = one week spot on and 3 weeks loosing time not gaining time on the bracelet.

5. Again its loosing time not gaining time.
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