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How to shorten your NATO or Zulu strap!

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Terry from ToxicNATOs wrote this nice summary of how to shorten a nylon NATO or ZULU strap at another forum, and I found it very helpful. So...I wanted to pass this great info along to you fine folks:

Shortening your NATO watch strap

You'll Need the following (from link below):

•2 x 20c coins (you can use nickels or quarters too, depending on the strap size)
•Scissors, box cutter or razor blade
•Something to clamp the coins together - (i.e. multi-grips or vice grips)

•A heat source - such as a lighter or stovetop

Shortening your NATO strap - Instructions

1.Lay your strap flat on a table and place the coin with the outer edge marking where you would like to shorten the strap

2.With the coin in place on top, position the second coin underneath the strap

3.Make sure the edges of the coin match up perfectly and clamp the two coins together so they don't move

4.Trim around the outer edge of the coin, using the edge to ensure a clean circular arch is cut from the band

5.Heat seal the end to ensure it doesn't fray by holding the cut edge over the heat source (but not too close!) ... tch-strap/

For those of you who need the best NATO straps out there (IMO, of course), here is a link to Terry's site:

He offers straps, springbars, tools and watch servicing! :smile-thumb2:
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Thanks Terry!
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