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Short answer is no. the watch is most accurate at full wind. only the mainspring keeps constant tension here.Its going to require service eventually.But which would you really prefer. having the mainspring fatige and get replaced in 5 years or having to replace the crown stem, tube and winding gears before the service interval?

While this video shows how it works, opinions come in as to whether or not these should stay at full wind.none of my winders keep the watch at full wind 24/7.

the wolf winder gives an 18 hour rest period. the orbita winds at a very slow rate so in 24 hours, it just reached full wind.while in rotation,I'll turn the winder off for a day and let the mainspring unwind so it stays dynamic.I've been using them for about 8 years now.So far they haven't made a watch require service any earlier.
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