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How the hell long does it take before a man needs a new wallet ?...Whenever I ask, 'Wouldn't you like a lovely new wallet, baby...I get a comment something to the effect of, "Thanks but, no thanks, this one is just getting broke in"...As far as I can tell, those things last YEARS, they appear to be virtually indestructible.
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Hip-pocket wallets are dangerous to a man's posture, hips and spine. Sitting on a wallet all day while working can throw your back out of alignment, make you walk out of alignment and can irritate the sciatic nerve (the one that runs down your butt into your leg) and cause it to ache. For the three years before I had back surgery, I carried a breast pocket wallet. Absolutely no wear to it for a long time! Since back surgery, I carry a 4 slot card case and a small money clip in my left front pocket and deposit the day's coin collection in a jar on the chest of drawers every night. (a stealthy method of accumulating funds for value pays and/or trips to the local AD.

Before that, a wallet would last me about 7 or so years before the credit and frequent flyer cards would wear holes in the leather and stick out and catch on the pocket. The better the leather, the longer they lasted. Some men require a new wallet only when their current one will not hold any more receipts (remember George Costanza on Seinfeld?)

Women should be pleased that men's wallets last a long time. That leaves more money in the household clothing budget for shoes and purses. Unlike those accessories, wallets don't go out of style every year or so and one wallet can be carried with blue, black, brown and gray suits, striped, plaid, etc. As long as the belt, shoes and watchband are coordinated, the wallet doesn't matter; it's hidden.
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