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How did you get into watches and your first big watch purchase

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I first started getting interested in watches back in the early 90s when I was transferred from one R&D group to another which included a new location and working with a new team. I was previously working on mainframe applications but my new direction was porting mainframe applications to run on distributed platforms such as different flavors of Unix, Linux, and AS/400. During breaks, some of the team members would talk shop and watches around the water cooler,
I knew nothing about watches at the time but I did wear a cheap Citizen I purchased at Fedco. So after our first project was completed it came with a bonus I decided to purchase my first big watch, I chose the Omega Seamaster Professional 300, the first Omega Bond watch made famous by Pierce Brosnan but I got the automatic and a chronograph complication.
The watch is now over 26 years old and still runs great, it has its share of wear and tear, especially on the clasp and on the chrome bezel. I do not wear this watch that often because of its heft as it is built like a tank it would be the watch I would wear during an apocalypse but is not comfortable to wear every day.

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First big purchase a Rolex Submariner non date for my 18th birthday saved for over a year to get it at a bargain £710 new, if only they were that price now ps I’m 51 now
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Once you get the bug there’s no getting away from it
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