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I am from Montreal Canada. I developped a real passion for watches about two years ago and watchfreeks really help me choosing my last purchase so, here i am! I have spent many hours reading many threads on watchfreeks and i learned a lot!
My tiny collection

-Hamilton khaki pilot automatic 46mm

-Victorinox divemaster 500 automatic

-Victorinox ambassador clous de paris chronograph (valgranges)

-Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 47 ST1 Premium ANTHRAZITE

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Welcome to our fine forum and even finer members. Never mind the size of your collection or the brands it's made up of. You love watches, that's all that counts!

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Hello Frank ! :smile-thumb:Welcome to WF !
Awesome to hear you decided to join up here. I think
you're going to be amazed at all of the great people,
along with watches here.

Going to be great talking with you. Enjoy Frank ! :)
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