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Herodia rose gold watch: what does caseback marking mean?

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I own a vintage Herodia handwound watch with a rosegold(plated?) case. There are no hallmarks visible on the case, the caseback or the inside of the caseback where you can usually find details on the quality/type of gold used. There is however a 90 in a square stamped on the caseback (90, not 9C). I've seen this on other gold Herodia watch casebacks on the internet but I can't find out what that 90 means. Can somebody enlighten me? Thanks in advance.

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Ooh cool, very cool Steve !!! :D:cool:🥇🏆

Looks like Reflex has you covered Kristof, and given you some
really great insight.(y)(y) Man oh man, we are always learning
right? It's amazing actually.

Am so happy someone could help you out, and am happy you
are here too. 🙂..Welcome aboard !
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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