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Help with logo on Aquaracer wap1110 DDCC logo

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Hello I have a Tag Heuer 2014 Aquaracer wap1110 that has a logo with initials of DDCC to the right of the 9, does anyone know if this was added by Tag to some of the watches?
Thank you


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Hi @Jtsimaras ! Welcome to the forum !

To me that looks like a logo of company that ordered a bunch of TAGs as a gift to their workers or customers.. Much like Domino's did with Rolex and Scania did withe Zenith watches back in the 1970s.
Looks like FBPB May have just figured this out,
and solved the mystery Jtsimaras. 😀(y)

Yup, definitely looks like this was made specially
for a company which is really neat. Because it
makes these Aquaracers a little different right?! 🙂

Really cool to see, and it’s really cool that you
found the forum. 😉 ..Welcome !
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This was a watch that was gifted to a Lowe's Store Manager for achieving double digit comp sales in a fiscal year. The ddcc stands for double digit comp club. The program was discontinued in 2019. It was a great accomplishment that included the watch, a $10k bonus and a trip for two vacation.
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