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Happy early father's day to all the dad's out there!

My lady has been asking me what I want for father's day and I am really struggling with coming up with anything. At this point in life we make enough money to buy the reasonably affordable things I want, so everything left is just expensive... you know like a new Tesla Model X

I got to thinking, I haven't gotten a new watch in some time, and I had been saving for a Glycine Airman (Purist), but I've lost interest since Invicta took over. That money has since been spent on other "needs," actually.

Well, I'm thinking I do want a new watch. A Pilots watch. I want your help, my fellow WIS!

- Eco or Kinetic quartz is fine, or Mechanical (auto or hand wind).
- If Mechanical, No day or date complications (keep it simple).
- 24-hour would be awesome, but here are few in this price range I'm interested in.
- GMT hand would be nice to keep track of another time zone
- I'm not big into Chronographs, so that is unnecessary.

A few I like, am not tied to, and/or are out of my price range. Maybe this will give some idea on taste.

taken from

Honestly, I've wanted a Blue Angel since I was a teenager.

taken from

taken from

taken from pinterest

I'm looking for something interesting, can be business casual appropriate, and casual appropriate.

... the other thought, just get another G-shock with analog dial that can handle the kids and activity.

taken from
*not quite pilots watch, but I like the triple censor and world time

taken from

Taken form Rakuten

What I don't want:
Plain Jane -

taken from

All thoughts and opinions welcome. The lady appreciates it too!

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My son in Finland is about as gaa gaa as one can get over his
Blue Angels. Me? Dial is waaay too busy IMO!!!
I have 4 Citizens. None with busy dials.
"Never the twain will meet" sez Samuel Clements.

Son's beater is a Suunto, Finland's watch.

Lou Snutt
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