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I'm just an OCD collector of "stuff". I enjoy reading a variety of discussion forums and though I don't consider myself cheap, I'll surf the net all day to find the best product at the best price. (Maybe I am cheap.?.?)
Glad to be here!
Todd Weller

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Welcome to our fine forum! I'm an avid collector of all kind of stuff, from vintage Voigtlander range finder cameras to books, a lot of books.

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Hey Todd, very cool ! :) You've come to the
right place. There are so many different forums
within Watchfreeks that you're bound to find
a ton to talk about. ..Watches are just one
fantastic part !

You will even be able to find some great deals
for watches you might be looking for.

Glad you're here. Have fun Todd ! :thumb:

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Wouldn't ya like to find a Voightlander Bessa?
My dad owned one. Also a Speed Graphic.
He was a big fan of Burke & James 4 X 5 too.
Me? I've been into watches for 60+ years.
From my 1st A11 WW2 GI issue to my latest,
the Citizen EcoZilla. Wanting the AutoZilla,

X traindriver Art
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