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Hello everyone!

The MeisterSingers wanted to introduce themselves to the membership of

How MeisterSinger ticks
In 1991 Manfred Brassler, founder and head designer of MeisterSinger, produced his first collection of single-hand watches. The individuality of MeisterSinger watches is defined by their subtle style elements such as clean and simple two digit numerals (note the preceding zero lending symmetry to the face of the watch), distinctive needle-shaped hands and a gentle curvature of the glass.
MeisterSinger highlights the origins of the watchmakers’ craft. Timekeeping began with a single hand – sundials, church steeple clocks, the old Breuguet subscription watches. It was in this period, the late 17th century, that pocket watches were sold in significant numbers. At first they had only single hour or 15-minute increments at best.

How to tell time with a MeisterSinger single-hand watch:
The12-hour dial is divided by 144 markers. Each marker represents 5 minutes. It is 15 minutes past 10 on the watch shown. The 15, 30 and 45 minute markers are bolder, and in combination with the distinctive pointed hand make it easy to read the time. This works perfectly well in our everyday life teaching us to be more relaxed in the handling of time.

Our Philosophy
Everyone knows the sensation of hours which fly by or of seconds which pass by as slowly as minutes. Time is what we make of it and a MeisterSinger watch helps the wearer optimise each moment. With just one hand, it is a throw-back to the beginning of horology and shows the time in unhurried 5-minute intervals. It takes away the hectic pace from everyday life and generates a lasting sense of slowing down for the wearer. An attitude, which despite the demands faced by modern people day by day, is more up to date than ever!

If you have any questions to our brand, watches or whatever, please contact us!!

Have a good time!

Your MeisterSinger Team
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