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Hello from Maryland, new member here, lookin forward to seeing if the late night posts get funnier and more dicey as the hour gets later and later.

Been collecting costume jewelry watches for 2 years, with regret none of my watches cost over $100. Have learned my lesson the hard way, Im gonna stop jumpin on deals at SNBC on watches I had to have and thought I couldn't live without, only to figure out soon afterwards that I don't like them as much as I thought and I regreted buying them.

Have given away maybe 10 watches and returned the same amount. From now on Im gonna be strong at the SNBC events and not buy compulsively and am saving my money, am buying only an occasional watch that's pricier but of more proven quality. Also concur w WG chatter that there's lots of other brands and places to buy than just SNBC.

Well thats my two cents, really glad to be here, cya.
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