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After wearing my zodiac quartz chrono for a while i decided i wanted to move one step closer to an automatic chrono and get a meca quartz. I picked up this Helgray and while I'm unfamiliar with the brand, it uses a seiko vk64 meca quartz movement. Plus, as a bonus, it has a green dial!
As you all know, i am all about the EMS budget friendly watches and on the used market this fell well within budget.

So...visually speaking there isnt much difference between my regular quartz and meca quartz watches (oddly enough though, the helgray does not have a running seconds hand at all...which seems odd to me)

The biggest differences I noticed were the meca quartz having a smoother sweep of the chronograph hand and the chrono hand/minute subdial snap back into place instead of running forwards back into position.
I'm assuming this all comes from the meca quartz having a mechanical chrono movement attached to the quartz movement.
Kinda cool, and far less than an automatic.

The helgray is pretty nice. Came in a nice leather case with a green perlon nato (i hate natos) and a decent leather strap with a signed deployment clasp.
I immediately put it on the unused bracelet.
Wear wise it feels good. 40mm case and 48mm lug to lug sits well on my 6.75 inch wrists. Standard 20mm lugs.

That isnt to say i dont have some minor issues....
No running seconds is a bit annoying, but not a deal breaker.
The bracelet is....well, not as nice as other watches I've owned in the same price bracket.
It feels a tad flimsy. Solid links and endlinks, but has a stamped clasp instead of a proper milled clasp. I believe this watch retailed new for $325 and for that price I expect a milled clasp even if you are throwing in 3 strap options. Keep the NATO and give me a milled clasp.

Overall i like it. I don't think I would recommend at retail price given the bracelet decisions, but at half price in the used market I definitely like it.

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