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1. post a picture on one of the picture sites, such as flicker.
2. then get the link from the site of your choice to where the picture is.
3. click on the "go advanced: button at the bottom the post area here.
4. The icons will appear above your text to post area.
5. under the smiley face "insert link". click on that
6. and past the link into the box from the picture site you are using.
7. click on the "preview post" button below to make sure it worked.
8. click on the "submit reply" button below and post.

9. if this does not work post for more help and we will figure it out. I didn't know how for awhile either. you can do some posting of pictures here too. I may be doing that wrong as they do not show up well here. Use a photo site seems to be the best. someone with more experience can offer better help i am sure.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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