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I have had my Omega since it first came out in the early 90s my first automatic watch. Now when looking at the watch on my wrist it still looks new but when I take close up photos ouch! the watch looks like to been through a war . IMG_20200725_085615.jpg IMG_20200725_085643.jpg IMG_20200725_085701.jpg IMG_20190301_132706.jpg IMG_20190301_132721.jpg IMG_20200111_132730.jpg IMG_20200111_132922.jpg IMG_20200111_133403.jpg

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馃檪The marks really just show how much you enjoy the watch HH.(y)(y)
Each scratch, or ding is like a log of the great times you've been
through when you think about it. It's actually extremely cool to see ! 馃槑

Thanks a ton for sharing !!!
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