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Heres my 2 cents worth.
I have worked on many watches, some quartz, most mechanical. If the hands do not move, it can be 1 of 3 things I can think of right off the bat.
The most likely is an obstruction, usually under the dial due to debris or a broken piece of something. If this is the case, its very likely the time keeping part of your movement has died due to the motor burning out with the obstruction working against the motor.
It MAY be that the step motor in the time keeping portion of your watch has died on its own, I figure what ever movement you have in it has a separate motor for time keeping, and another for the chronograph only.
The 3rd thing is it maybe that the hour and minute hand wheels have disconnected from the cannon pinion. This CAN happen, though I doubt its that issue either.
Reseting or "shorting out" movement will not help the issue at all. In electronic watches, some require this be done during the battery change process, but if you observe most chronographs after a battery is installed, they tend to work right away anyhow. The reset just eliminates faults or the 2 second skip beat some watches get with low batteries.
Take it to a decent watch repair shop somewhere and have them check it out, and I would bet its an obstruction, and the watch has died.
The movement is replaceable, though its NOT repairable. Most quartz movements made today are considered throw away, with no repairable parts.
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