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Some handmade straps 24mm/22mm incl. adapter for apple watch 42mm using python skin,frog skin, vintage leather ...

Change any watch strap you like to fit your new Apple Watch with Black Forest Atelier Straps and Apple Watch Adapter
A Pair of Shining Silver Lugs Adapter for Apple Watch (or Apple Watch Sport) 42mm or 38mm
include a 5-edge-star special screw driver for strap replacement

Apple watch Strap changeable strap Lugs (Pins), for Apple 38mm and 42mm sport watch. With this lugs adapter, you can change any watch strap you like to fit your Apple watch.

BFA recommends:
for AW 42mm lug : should combine with 24mm/22mm strap
for AW 38mm lug : should combine with 22mm/20mm strap

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