This is a one of a kind watch. It is #1/1 and the only one in the world. I took a watch and custom modified it to what you see here.
It was only worn a few times and is not pristine but could maybe pass as new. The caseback has a few tiny hairline marks. It's not
perfect but darn close. It looks new on the wrist unless someone is chasing you with a loupe lol.

The movement is a Seiko NH35.It started it's life as an Android Cocoon. I removed the dial and inserted this Grafitti Fordite Dial.
If you are not familiar please Google it. It's an incredible material. The dial is UV/Blue/Black-light reactive. The dial does not glow
in the dark but if in those light sources some of it will glow in a neon glow. I tried to photograph it but it was hard. It's not super
bright but does have some killer flavor under that light. Bonus feature!!!

The strap is genuine leather that has a pebble finish. It's a fabulous and supple strap. Top notch!!!

I offer a 6 month warranty on the movement. This will not cover anything caused by daily wear or abuse. In short, if something
goes wrong holler at me and we will make it right if it is a problem with the manufacturing process.

The watch was rated to 3ATM. I DO NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY TO THE RATING. I recommend keeping it out of the water.
It is safe for daily wear, being in light rain and hand washing but I advise against getting it really wet. It's probably fine but I don't
take any of my watches in the water, even the ones rated to extreme depths. It's just my thing.

USPS Priority. Paypal or Venom Friends and Family only due to new 1099 rules. Many references available if needed. $298.

It will come without a box or papers but will be very securely packaged. If you really want a box holler at me and I'll see what I have.

Please message me with any questions. I'm an honest and up front seller that provides what is advertised. Thanks so much for looking!!!

D1D97060-E0D9-43E4-8CFD-0E3600293DEB by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
B4F883DD-BC98-4428-AFF3-74B6353A1450 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
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