This is a one of a kind, 52mm watch. It is #1/1 and the only one in the world. I took a watch and custom modified to what you see here.
The movement is a Miyota 0S21. I removed the sub-dial posts and the internal pusher rods so this watch only functions as a 2 hand piece. The dial is handmade out of real carbon fiber. Please note the hands are NOT luminous.
The strap is genuine leather that has been distressed. I did this using shoe polish and buffed it well. Please note that you should be careful wearing it with light clothing until you know if the polish will transfer to your clothes. I rubbed it on a white rag and it did not but I felt I must be transparent so you know there is a possibility as with any tanned or dyed leather.
I offer a 6 month warranty on the movement. This does not include battery changes and will not cover anything caused by daily wear or abuse. In short, if something goes wrong holler at me and we will make it right if it is a problem with the manufacturing process.

The watch was rated to 3ATM. I DON NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY TO THE RATING. I recommend keeping it out of the water. It is safe for daily wear, being in light rain and hand washing but I advise against getting it really wet. It's probably fine but I don't take any of my watches in the water, even the ones rated to extreme depths. It's just my thing.
It will come without a box or papers but will be very securely packaged. If you really want a box holler at me and I'll see what I have.

USPS, Paypal or Venom Friends & Family due to getting 1099'd now. References available. $189 shipped.

Please message me with any questions. I'm an honest and up front seller that provides what is advertised. Thanks so much for looking!!!​

C3C24738-3FCA-474D-AA3A-DEF1B4778C56 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
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