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Hey everyone, did you hear about Hamilton celebrating part of it’s
130th Anniversary in Lancaster Pennsylvania?

Evidently a small group of fans, as well as press were enjoyed a
day of touring the National Watch and Clock Museum, as well as
Hamilton Watch Company. Which was the home of Hamilton from
1890 to 1980. And now is the Clock Towers condominiums.

Later in the day, things moved to the Brent Miller watch shop.
Where the celebration included a look at the American Classic
Railroad Pocket Watch. Which just 917 pieces are being made
of to pay tribute to their old factory’s address at 917 Columbia

Just a few pics...

W&W and Watch ReviewBlog with much more on this...

Hamilton Celebrates their 130th Anniversary in their Hometown of Lancaster, PA - Worn & Wound

Hamilton Watches Celebrates 130 Years with Open Doors to Old Factory - WatchReviewBlo

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The opening of the article says:
Home » Industry News » Hamilton Watches Celebrates 130 Years with Open Doors to Old Factory

Hamilton watches hit their 130th year in existence and hosted an outstanding event in their founding town of Lancaster Pennsylvania this past Tuesday for their marked anniversary. This time, instead of a routine watch release announcement fun was in the books for invited press – and the mood was set with an unexpected off road drive through Mormon country as we made our way from PHL airport to Lancaster with none other than the esteemed former PlayBoy Male fashion designer and director Joseph DeAcetis whom was also attending the event.

Mormon country? Lancaster, PA is the heart of Amish country. Who mistakes Amish for Mormons?
Oh man, you know I didn’t even see that I guess Gary. I guess I was
kind of immersed in the pictures for the most part here. It’s funny how
something like that can happen, but then no one caught it afterwards
either. So evidently the Amish, along with Mormons are seen as one
in the same to them. 😊 But you would think that someone would have
seen the mistake that’s for sure.

Honestly I see a lot of mistakes like this all the time. From mistakes
in articles, to those crawls on the bottom of cable channels too. It’s
something that seems to be happening more and more it seems.

In any case, you have a terrific eye. (y) Thanks so very much Gary !!!

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IMO too bad that there are no more USA watch factories. Hamilton is Swiss and Bulova is owned by Citizen. Elgin is long gone so far as I can find. As for the typo, I notice misspelling and dropped letter typos all the time in the program descriptions on my cable TV provider's program descriptions and on Yahoo News articles. Auto spelling checkers cannot do all.

(y)It really is so true, as well as sad Astro. 🙁

To be able to go back in time and just see all of the watch
companies there were in the US in the past would be just
amazing. ..Some times I really wish there were real time
machines. 😉But at least some of these companies live
on like this in new ownership, and seem to also appreciate
their history, and heritage.

In a way, all of the small American microbrands are grand
children of the big watch companies from years back. There's
so many different ones that it's amazing. Plus the ones all
around the world in a way wouldn't be around today without
those brands existence here so many years back. So their
spirit lives on in not only the current forms of the big brands,
but also a lot of the micro brands which have popped up in
the last couple of decades.

P.S. Yup, mistakes happen with spelling and grammar all the
time. 😉Whoknows how many mistakes I make per day. It's
probably too many, but it's fun to talk.

All of this is..Thanks a ton for chiming in sir !!!

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I don’t consider writing Mormon instead of Amish a typo or grammatical error. It’s a big mistake
You’re right it’s more of them evidently just not knowing Gary. 😉

One day the spellcheck will be advanced enough to correct that kind
of thing I bet. Or maybe it already is somewhere already. 😲(y)
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