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H2O's Kalmar 2 OceanicTime 8000M

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Not sure if everyone had a chance to see this new Kalmar yet.

The H2O Kalmar 2 OceanicTime 8000M is a special watch that
helps celebrate the 10th Anniversary of H2O Watch. Along with
their cool collaborations with OceanicTime. With just some of
the many specifications including a 42.50mm Grade 5 Titanium
case, 8000M, thick sapphire crystal, HEV, a Titanium Grade 5
Ti divers bezel with luminous orange dive-time scale, on black
ceramic inlay, OceanicTime Special Edition high glossy black
dial with SLN coated hands, and markers, ETA 2824, and a
fleet of neat straps, along with extras.

A few pictures...

OceanicTime, and H2O for you also...

H2O Watch OceanicTime 8’000M AMBER ABYSS + Titanium Pack

H2O - Watch - Configure your Helberg Watch, H2o Watch, Kalmar, Watches and Stuff
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Wonder if Rafy got his yet ? :)
Was thinking the same thing
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