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Greetings from our magnificent capital.

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I may not receive the warmest welcome being from DC and especially since its tax season. But don't let my location fool you, I have nothing to do with the IRS or the government as a whole. Did I already break a rule by talking about politics? :t

Anyway, I came across this board quite by accident, and never even considered joining a watch lovers community before. But I've reading up on the forum lately and decided I needed to let my own opinion out. To be honest, I never considered myself a watch freek. But that's what people have been calling me lately, so I guess I am. In my opinion I have a modest collection by the standards of some of you guys. It all began when my father passed on to me my grandfather's pocket watch, which he being a jeweler made himself.
The first watch I bought myself was a golden Omega that I got for a bargain at a flea market. To this day Omega is one of my favorites. I currently own a few Tissots, a Citizen, and a whole lotta Orients. In fact, I'll probably be putting some of them up for sale here as I recently purchased too many. Now, of course in a watch collectors mind there is no such thing as too many, but there is "too much" ($). Hate me or love me, but I'm a sucker for swiss army.

Looking forward to contributing to this great site in between my crazy life.
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Aloha Novelian

Welcome to our little piece of Watch utopia ! We don't only obsess about watches we actively enable each other!!! I'm glad you found us ! You will find the nicest, kindest folks who formed an on-line community here than anywhere else on the net

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