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I'm a retired banker where I worked in investments, systems development and project management. I live in southern New Hampshire.

I caught the watch collecting bug in 1999 while working on the Bank of America Year 2000 project in Richmond, VA and have been unable to find a cure.

I have a number of limited editions in my collection issued by Timefactors and RLT watches, both in the UK. We had a contract programmer from Sheffield, England on our Y2K team and he introduces me to those forums.

I also have a few invictas still in the collection and a croton or two. Add Corum, Breitling, IWC, Zodiac, Seiko, Raketa, Breguet, etc. I also have a couple of what I consider rare Poljots that have been subjected to severe criticism recently because they date back a few years and have brand names other than Poljot on the dials.

You can see a brief history of my watches at: Photobucket for roloya

I'm in the first generation of my family born outside Greece and the islands and use 'roloya' the Greek word for watches as my handle to celebrate my heritage.

I hope to be able to contribute some of my knowledge and photo skills to pass along what I've been able to learn about our addiction.
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