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Hello Maria,

I have sent a message to Borealis twice now using the online form on your website, with no reply.

I am interested in your vulcanised rubber strap and have a couple of questions.

Can you please provide a contact person's details so that I can get in touch.

Thanks in advance,



Would like to introduce you and my brand. My name is Maria Ivanova and I have created some months ago Borealis Watch Company.

I am based in Portugal and worked for a few years in the watch industry. For the ones asking my connection with Prometheus Watch Company yes I have worked and still do for Prometheus but I have created a new watch company with some help of Mr. Carvalho from Prometheus.

However watch brands are unrelated and all business decisions related with Borealis Company are taken solely by me.

With this venture both we and Prometheus get some savings in costs as we can this way increase orders with suppliers and share some of the costs of distribution network passing out savings to customers of both brands.

I have given some months ago an interview to Russian Blog Getat.RU. All interested can visit it at

Our current collection is the Borealis Pilot Diver

and the Borealis Francis Drake.

Please feel free to join discussion providing inputs on our watches as well as suggestions for future models.

Thank you once again for your time.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts