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Great COVID News!

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The Free State of Arizona reports this. The population of Arizona is approximately 9 million. No deaths and the number of ICU beds used by coronavirus patients fell to 169

Arizona reports 604 new COVID-19 cases but no new deaths (
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And they are surging here in Michigan! Congrats, looks like there is something to a
Warm dry climate that the virus doesn't enjoy!

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It's more about letting this virus take its course than the climate. We have been wide open for business out here the entire winter (during our surge) ., limited seating in restaurants, which are now fully open, no mask mandates at all, except upon entry, then when seated off they go.

The virus has a 94.6% chance of killing me if I get for my age group 70+. I had a friend who is 81 years old, has prostate cancer, lung cancer, a bad ticker, and clogged carotid arteries. He received his first COVID Vaccine shot and a couple of weeks later both he and his wife had COVID. His wife who is 17 years younger had it worse and stayed in bed for almost a week, he only had mild Flu-like symptoms. Both are fully recovered now, and he categorically states he is NOT getting the second shot!

Lockdowns and staying indoors are prolonging this virus, staggering the herd immunity by lowering people's immune systems so that when they do go back out again, they are more susceptible to catching it.
Michigan's governor is a complete buffoon, he wasn't prepared or informed and blamed everyone but herself for the amount of deaths and infections. I've been working since this fiasco began, everyone one of my siblings obeyed the lockdown mandates but me, and so far they have all been infected and I haven't... knock on wood! Lock downs don't work! Social distancing and keep your handS off your face! Pretty basic principles IMO...

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Well, this devolved quickly...

I thought we were sharing great news? :unsure:
Great news for some sh*t news
From others.... it the reality of the situation.

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Everyone's an infectious disease expert here. We all know what works and doesn't work, and everyone else is wrong. I can't believe I allowed myself to even read this thread. I thought this Watchfreeks forum was a safe haven from this bullshit. I think I'll simply stick to WRUW and One response threads.
Who said anything about being an expert? Your statement makes it seem like
You think you are? Nobody really knows what works or what doesn't... it changes daily. This is a general discussion thread during a pandemic you didn't expect a some differing opinions? You got personal nobody else did.

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I'm sorry if everyone here is upset about a little truth bomb about the state that I live in, I'm not exactly sure how a conversation between Chaz and I got to this point? If you don't like a comment or response you always could/should ignore it... it was a response directed to him and nobody else.

Now back to our regular scheduled program!

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Am so hoping that the good, or great news trend continues
in your states guys, everyone’s states, and countries really. (y)
Hey, and was wondering for the longest time now. ..How has
everyone been doing out there? I mean how has life been in
your area where you live?

Have you had any experience with the vaccines? Whether
it be yourself, a family member, or friend?

Had just seen that Steve’s mom is evidently doing great !
A GIANT congratulations there by the way !!! :)

But how about everyone else? Any insight? Or updates?
My wife had the Phizer vaccine due to her work environment, she works in the counseling department at a high-school, she was pretty ill for a few days after the first shot, but the second shot she took Tylenol and it wasn't as bad.

As for me I'm holding out for a
Bit... I work in a department pretty much all by myself and am pretty careful.

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I've recently been told that a conversation between two people is better had by PM, but what do I know? ;)
Didn't think one comment would be so disruptive, oh well, guess it's a sign of the times, can't have opinion out
Loud anymore. Everyone is in high sensitivity mode these days!

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It's dropping but still significant with rep voters as the vaccine has been politicized to some degree but not as much as masking up... :rolleyes:
Personally, I don't know anyone that doesn't want it which is good... ;)
I should be able to get it close by before too long it seems? :unsure:
Though I'm not looking forwards to the shot as I hate needles... :eek: :giggle:
With all due respect, This is not an accurate statement at all, I know many "rep" voters who are vaccinated, "reps" weren't the ones who said they wouldn't take it if the previous administration recommended it, that would be the "dems" (the VP)

The people I know who are skeptical wear masks, social distance and wash their hands alot! (They are not Neanderthals) I think people have a right to be a little leary, our government hasn't been exactly the model of truth in decades, and the CDC has been a little inconsistent to say the least, but its a new and there is lot to learn.

so you really shouldn't criticize people if they are a bit hesitant to blindly follow "the science" towards a vaccine that is so new and untested..

I will get it once I'm sure all high risk people are just about done, I don't want to take a shot from a more in need person.

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With all due respect, I didn't say all rep voters, I said "It's dropping but still significant with rep voters as the vaccine has been politicized to some degree but not as much as masking up" nor did I ever say it was strictly a rep issue, but there are significantly more reps than dems that say they won't get the vaccine...

And I didn't say anyone was a "Neanderthal" so I have no idea why you would insinuate that?

Also, I wasn't "criticize people" but I was just stating the facts about what was going on here in the USA, the vaccine is hardy untested as it went through multiple stages of trials and then the data was reviewed by the FDA before it was authorized for emergency use, the CDC was not involved in that process nor was the government, and since it was authorized for emergency use by the FDA it's been given to tens of millions of people with no serious adverse effects. plus they are not opening it up to everyone until nearly all the high-risk people have been vaccinated, and the Biden Administration has secured enough vaccine so when it is opened up to everyone the high-risk people remaining won't go without a shot just because you or people like you got their shots, they will still vaccinate both groups at the same time so you shouldn't be concerned about taking a shot away from anyone and you should get your shot when it is available to you.

Thank you... :rolleyes:
You do You, and I'll do Me! I'm out of this many sided debate, way too many moving parts!

I'll see you in the WRUW section!

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