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Great COVID News!

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The Free State of Arizona reports this. The population of Arizona is approximately 9 million. No deaths and the number of ICU beds used by coronavirus patients fell to 169

Arizona reports 604 new COVID-19 cases but no new deaths (
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Only 142 new cases and no deaths yesterday in the state of Nevada and dropping! the population of Nevada is approximately 3 million! :D (y)

And my mother is fully vaccinated and feeling great! ;)
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Well, this devolved quickly...

I thought we were sharing great news? :unsure:
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Great news for some sh*t news
From others.... it the reality of the situation.

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I understand that, I think we all do, there's a lot of bad news everywhere we look, but, I was thinking maybe we would share any good COVID news we may have in a thread entitled "Great COVID News!" instead of the thread devolving into a debate over mask mandates or who is likely to die from a deadly virus that has already killed over a half of a million Americans, it's just a thought... :unsure:
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Well, I tried, I think this thread was doomed the moment the "Bad German Soldiers" and their "Uniforms" were brought into a "Great COVID News" thread? :rolleyes:

But who's to say? ;)
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I've recently been told that a conversation between two people is better had by PM, but what do I know? ;)
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Am so hoping that the good, or great news trend continues
in your states guys, everyone’s states, and countries really. (y)
Hey, and was wondering for the longest time now. ..How has
everyone been doing out there? I mean how has life been in
your area where you live?

Have you had any experience with the vaccines? Whether
it be yourself, a family member, or friend?

Had just seen that Steve’s mom is evidently doing great !
A GIANT congratulations there by the way !!! :)

But how about everyone else? Any insight? Or updates
with you guys, and girls?
Thank you VERY MUCH Tom!

My mother was vaccinated with the two-shot Moderna Vaccine through her health provider by appointment and the drive-thru was right by where we live, The first shot took about a 20-minute wait to get and a 15-minute wait after to make sure everything was ok...

The second shot was not by appointment as she had been given a "first shot card" to show and we could show up any time of that day, but it was a much longer wait due to there being many more people and it took over an hour to get the second shot and then the same 15-minute to make sure everything was ok...

She was lucky in that many people from across Las Vegas had to drive to the same place that was basically in our backyard! ;)
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My wife had the Phizer vaccine due to her work environment, she works in the counseling department at a high-school, she was pretty ill for a few days after the first shot, but the second shot she took Tylenol and it wasn't as bad.

As for me I'm holding out for a
Bit... I work in a department pretty much all by myself and am pretty careful.

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My mother is 82 and she felt nothing from the first shot, but of course, she did feel the bit of leftover pain from having a one-inch needle jabbed in her shoulder! :giggle:

But after the second shot, she felt nothing for the first day, but as expected, she felt some fatigue for the following few days which went away... ;) and of course, again, the bit of leftover pain from having a one-inch needle jabbed in her shoulder! :giggle:
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I was just out to dinner with some friends last night and asked the one guy who I knew had had COVID what his symptoms were, he answered he had absolutely no symptoms and if he didn't have the positive test he never would have known he had it.

He then went on to say that he has had both vaccine shots and felt sick for three days after taking each shot. I then asked him if he got the shots after he had already recovered from COVID and he said yes, I then asked him, "Why you are already immune after that?" he just gave me a blank stare!
Sorry, but having one variant of COVID and then recovered does not make you immune to all the variants that are out there now, and the new mutated variants that have yet to emerge the longer it takes to get it under control...
So far I have more people complaining about the side effects of the vaccines than those who have had the actual COVID infection complaining about their symptoms.
Oh God, it's about to go off the rails again... :rolleyes:
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I'll let someone else speak to the irresponsible thought process during a global pandemic as "my freedom, my freedom"... :rolleyes:

And I'll just stick to trying to spread some good news during this exceptionally bad time as more and more free Americans continue to die every day just because some refuse to do their part to help crush this nonpolitical virus... :(
Well thank YOU Steve, Dennis, and Chaz, and thank goodness
it sounds like all of you have had pretty positive experiences so
far. A lot of times you hear all these stories, with some of them
being a little scary. But I think so much of it has to do with all
of this with the virus being new to us. And unlike other situations,
or viruses in the past. ..We are kind of learning on the fly I mean.

In any case, really is great hearing from you guys about things.
On my end, my mom is set to get the J&J vaccine this Thursday.
So fingers crossed that everything goes well.

Thanks again everybody !
Yes, not everyone is as lucky as most...

People need to stop politicizing basic health measures that greatly help stop the spread and mutation into a deadlier variant of this virus like simple mask-wearing, social distancing, and not gathering in crowds indoors, which even if you don't get sick at all from contracting the virus you are still giving it more and more chances to mutate into something more contagious and deadlier!

People all need to understand this fact!!!

Stop crying "freedom", being selfish, self-centered, and do your part to help crush this virus before it mutates into something much more contagious, deadlier, and it becomes something that will be even more devastating to our way of life than it already has been!

Sorry, but it needed to be said...
CDC is now saying evidence suggests vaccinated people aren’t spreading the virus. Two weeks after my second shot I’ll stop wearing the mask. I was prepared to continue, but the data says it’s a waste and to move on with life.

That said, I think there should be a simple card showing who’s vaccinated and if you’re not, you need to be wearing a mask.
These are the actual facts about fully vaccinated people...
  • Key Points
    • COVID-19 vaccines currently authorized in the United States are effective against COVID-19, including severe disease.
    • Preliminary evidence suggests that the currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines may provide some protection against a variety of strains, including B.1.1.7 (originally identified in the United Kingdom). However, reduced antibody neutralization and efficacy have been observed for the B.1.351 strain (originally identified in South Africa).
    • A growing body of evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people are less likely to have asymptomatic infection and potentially less likely to transmit SARS-CoV-2 to others. However, further investigation is ongoing.
    • Modeling studies suggest that preventive measures such as mask use and social distancing will continue to be important during vaccine implementation. However, there are ways to take a balanced approach by allowing vaccinated people to resume some lower-risk activities.
    • Taking steps towards relaxing certain measures for vaccinated persons may help improve COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and uptake.
    • The risks of SARS-CoV-2 infection in fully vaccinated people cannot be completely eliminated as long as there is continued community transmission of the virus. Vaccinated people could potentially still get COVID-19 and spread it to others. However, the benefits of relaxing some measures such as quarantine requirements and reducing social isolation may outweigh the residual risk of fully vaccinated people becoming ill with COVID-19 or transmitting the virus to others.
    • Guidance for fully vaccinated people is available and will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.
Pay no attention to opinion and go straight to the source, The CDC... ;)

Don't drop the ball on the one-yard line and lose the game for everyone! :(
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I had my first one four weeks ago, and get my next one on 23rd May. We have a 12 week gap here in the UK. Unfortunately I had a 90 minute round trip to get to the vaccination centre, but I suppose it's better than getting ill. Glad to know that you are not being charged for it in the US
How much are you being charged for it where you are? :unsure:
So in summary....There are still a multitude of loose ends that need to be tied up

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YES! the vaccines are not a silver bullet that will solve everything, but they are proven to stop most of the hospitalizations and deaths with the current known strains that we know about but as long as people let their guard down and allow the virus to keep bouning around it will continue to mutate into potentially some form that is far more contagious and deadly which will make the vaccines less effective, maybe to the point they become ineffective if this goes on long enough! :(
The surgeon general in KY had an interview and said the CDC told him preliminary data shows vaccinated people don’t infect others. The interview was today.

When I am two weeks past my second shot, which is late April, unless the CDC revises it’s stance, I’m done with masks unless the business requires it.
And that is the attitude that will allow this thing to never end, junk science... :(

That's just not how it works! cases in many states are starting to rise again even with many people getting vaccinated because people are starting to believe that fully vaccinated means there is nothing to worry about and they can just go back to the way things were but that's just not the case! :mad:

My God if we don't all get on the same page we will never get the life we once had back and this virus will turn into something much worse than it already is! :rolleyes:
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You can call surgeon generals as peddling junk science, but I don’t. Seems kinda ridiculous actually.
You mean the surgeon general in KY? :rolleyes: if what he said in the interview you watched today is accurate, then he is misrepresenting the facts, I'm assuming unintentionally? :unsure:

I'll stick with the advice from the leading authority on infectious diseases Dr. Fauci... ;)

Speaking of the surgeon general of KY, this was just one week ago and nothing has changed...

As surgeon general says this week will be bad, Beshear says ‘It’s game time’ and pushes social distancing; starts toll-free hotline for Kentuckians to report violators of his emergency orders!

  • Reflecting the surgeon general’s warning that “It’s going to get bad” this week, Gov. Andy Beshear stressed the importance of social distancing and good hygiene. “This is game time,” he said. “This is the time where we’ve all got to step up and prove we can do this and the stakes are the health and the lives of those that we care about.”
  • Health Commissioner Steven Stack painted a verbal picture of how someone can end up infecting 1,000 others. He said Kentuckians should ask themselves before choosing to engage without social distancing: “Was it worth what you did if someone else ends up on a ventilator in an intensive care unit?”
  • “This is our test of humanity,” Beshear said. “We are not just protecting people we know, we are protecting everybody around us. And so please follow that guidance.”
  • The state Labor Cabinet has set up a reporting hotline at 1-833-KYSAFER, or 1-833-597-2337, for Kentuckians to report businesses that are not in compliance with Beshear’s emergency orders and groups that are not engaging in social distancing. The hotline will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and messages can be left after hours. Beshear said not every call may be actionable.
  • Beshear added laundromats to the list of retail businesses that can remain open. Stand-alone tobacco and “vape” shops were also added, but only if they offer drive through or curbside service, as some other businesses are allowed to do.
  • Beshear said the state is working on public service announcements to explain and encourage social distancing, as suggested by two University of Kentucky professors, but encouraged broadcasters to do them too. He suggested they use information from, and said it’s important for communities to hear the guidance from local leaders, not just him. “Do this and do it quickly,” he said. “The more messages we can get out there the better.”
  • A Kaiser Family Foundation poll taken March 11-15, when social distancing was being put into place across the country, found that one in four Americans said they had stayed home instead of going to regular activities, and 40 percent had canceled plans to attend large gatherings. Overall, 67 percent said they had taken at least one of four named precautions, far above the 13% in a February poll but leaving one-third of Americans who had not. Democrats were more likely to have taken care than Republicans: 80% to 53%.
  • Lack of rural concern about the pandemic is a result of politicizing it, write Ron Brownstein of The Atlantic and Todd Frankel of The Washington Post.
  • Beshear was asked if he thought Kentucky would need to practice social distancing after March 30, noting President Trump’s tweet and statement that federal guidelines might be relaxed. He said “I’m not reading them and I’m not terribly concerned about what’s in them,” and said Kentuckians need to be prepared for social distancing beyond 15 days. “What we’ve got to be willing to do is what it takes,” he said. “That’s how we protect people; that’s how we make sure there is enough health care for everybody.”
  • “Rattled health officials are trying to fight off ascendant voices around Donald Trump pressing the president to restart the economy as soon as Monday to stem severe business and job losses,” Politico reports. “The prospect of resuming typical business so soon has horrified these public health leaders. . . . The government, they argue, has yet to definitively answer key questions that would dictate how to reactivate the economy: Do those who recover from coronavirus become immune? How do underlying health conditions affect the severity of the virus? And, most important, how widely has it spread?”
  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said covid-19 cases will overwhelm the nation’s health-care system in 10 days to three weeks.
  • Beshear said the availability of hospital beds in Kentucky will depend on how well we do at not spreading the virus. If needed, he said, the state has plans to convert hotels into hospitals and have pop-up care facilities operated by the National Guard and others.
  • The World Health Organization said today that the coronavirus pandemic is “accelerating” across the world and that while social distancing is an important defensive measure, that won’t not stop it. Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said more aggressive and targeted tactics are needed, including isolating and caring for every confirmed case, as well as tracing and quarantining all the patient’s close contacts, the New York Post reports.
  • U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said on NBC‘s “Today” show, “I want America to understand this week, it’s going to get bad.” He warned that the virus is spreading because many, especially young people, are not following guidance to stay at home and practice social distancing. “Everyone needs to act as if they have the virus right now,” he said emphatically. “So, test or no test, we need you to understand you could be spreading it to someone else or you could be getting it from someone else. Stay at home.”
  • Adams suggested that the U.S. has higher proportions of young people with the disease than because of the larger numbers of young Americans who use electronic cigarettes.
  • Dr. Kevin Kavanagh, a retired physician and founder of HealthWatch USA, told Jack Pattie of Lexington’s WVLK that infections from the cornonavirus will likely last a few months, not weeks. He said, “If everybody would stay home in the entire world for two weeks, this thing would go away and burn out,” qualifying that to two weeks beyond having the virus for those who have it. He said the virus can live for three days on plastic and stainless steel.
  • Beshear revised his guidance for calling the state coronavirus hotline. He said that if you are well, but nervous and need information, “We do want you to call our coronavirus hotline.” The number is 1-800-722-5725. If you are sick, but would have otherwise not sought care but for the coronavirus, call your health-care provider and do not go to a health-care facility without calling first for guidance; if you are otherwise sick or injured, seek care.
  • The governor announced 21 new Kentucky cases of covid-19, for a total of 124, and the state’s fourth death: an 82-year old Lexington woman who had underlying health conditions, as the previous decedents did. In her honor, Beshear said, he would again light the governor’s mansion green, the color of compassion and renewal, and encouraged others to do the same.

  • He asked churches that are willing to ring their bells at 10 each morning so people working from home and those who have lost their jobs can hear them. “Ringing those bells will just remind everybody that we are out there and that we care about them,” he said.
  • People with diabetes can be more susceptible to — and can become sicker if infected with — any virus, including covid-19, according to a University of Kentucky press release. It includes a list of tips from UK’s Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center and Bluegrass Care Clinic to help people with diabetes stay healthy, such as having enough medication and other supplies to last several weeks. Beshear has signed an executive order to allow pharmacies to refill prescriptions for up to 30 days to ensure that everyone can get prescriptions.
  • A second person has been forced into self-isolation after being diagnosed with covid-19 and refusing to isolate. A judge ordered William Nooning, 66, to stay in his Louisville home for 14 days and be fitted with a global positioning device that will be constantly monitored, reports Andrew Wolfson of the Courier Journal: “Any violations may result in his arrest and criminal charges.”
  • Beshear said he has created the “Team Kentucky Fund” in the Public Protection Cabinet to allow anyone who would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help Kentuckians who have experienced hard times because of the coronavirus to do so.
  • He said that as cases ramp up, additional law enforcement and at times the National Guard will be posted at hospitals and medical centers to assure order and to let people know they are safe there.
  • Kentucky has added another covid-19 testing laboratory, AIT Laboratories, Beshear said.
  • Asked what the state was doing about coordinating testing at centralized sites, as suggested by the UK professors, he said: “We are doing everything we can on coordination with our hospitals and others. Each of them has their own procurement, ability to buy, and thus has different supplies right now. We are still working towards that goal of having drive through testing here in Kentucky and we believe that we are getting closer to it.”
  • Beshear said he spends much of each day working on getting more testing in the state. He said the main limitation is a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health-care workers who administer the tests.
  • The governor said he is doing everything he can to get as much PPE for Kentucky as possible, but the state often has to bid against the federal government or other states. “We are having some success. It is not the level we would like to see, and no state is having that, but we are fighting for it every single day,” he said. He noted that many nurses are wearing masks that they made at home.
  • He said the state would be taking a survey of outpatient surgical centers for their various supplies and the staff “so that we can marshal every single resource at a time of need.”
  • The Small Business Administration was processing loan applications through the state’s website, Beshear said, and he hopes to make an announcement this week on unemployment insurance for independent contractors and others.
  • Brown-Forman Corp. said it will donate $1 million to covid-19 response funds. The Louisville-based distiller says it will match dollar-for-dollar donations from others to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation‘s Crisis Relief Fund. The donation website says “100% of donations will go directly to support restaurant workers in crisis.” Donations are also being made to the United States Bartenders’ Guild Foundation Emergency Assistance Program and One Louisville: Covid-19 Response Fund.
Official state guidance is at
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I don’t have time or desire to read all that.

You’re lining all this stuff up and none of it apparently has to do with what I’m talking about. So what’s your point? Old information is what you prefer to use? People who won’t use what you use are wrong, even though you’re citing old info?

And by the way, Beshear is a total idiot. Everything out of that man’s mouth is either BS, corruption, or drivel meant to get him to a higher office. He’s the most partisan POS I’ve ever seen in politics, and an embarrassment to KY. I do trust his medical officer because medical officers have ethics, unlike Beshear.
It's all of what the surgeon general of KY and Gov. Andy Beshear of KY said just one week ago, you shouldn't let politics cloud your judgment on making health decisions...

But should you want the Official state guidance of KY it's at

You are your own man, BUT if we can't pull together to crush this virus the future looks bleak... even more so than it already does in many places... :(

But the good news is everyone in Vegas is wearing a mask, I rarely have to get near people I don't know, I always wear a mask around those people when I do, and I keep my distance from them, all of which takes zero effort, so I'll be fine... ;)(y)
One week ago is not today. It’s like you’re arguing simply to argue, because you’re not making any sense. Politics clouding my judgment? Where do you get this crap?

You just want to argue to listen to yourself argue.

I’m done.
If this is arguing to more than just you, we are doomed to a life of this virus always being with us as it continues to mutate and get's more contagious and deadly.:rolleyes:
I am in the UK, so we have the NHS. To be honest the NHS is pretty useless, despite some of the hype you may hear, but at least it is free at point of use. Because you have a privatised system, I suspected you may have to pay, but was informed a short while ago you get the get the vaccine for free, which pleased me
I don't even want to imagine what a mess we would be in if we all had to pay for the vaccine with so many out of work and struggling to put food on the table due to the pandemic?

I suspect that with the way things are going here by the time we really get a handle on this virus there will be well over a million dead here in the US? :(

If you think about it, this virus would be the perfect weapon to use against the USA, just give America something that we all need to pull together to defeat and we are doomed before it even starts??? :unsure: modern America is nothing like the America of World War II because we have the internet and disinformation where everyone lives in their own little bubble of selfishness with little sense of "we the people" now, most of us rarely look outside our own little bubble unless something directly affects us... :(
Thank heaven the UK got out of the EU, otherwise I could be waiting many more months for a vaccine
How is the vaccine hesitancy rate there?
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