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Grandfathers pocket watch

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Hi, I joined this forum because I wanted to learn more about a watch my grandfather had. I will post some pictures below.
There is some kind of jewel in the middle, it's pink.
2 seals which I cant quite see, or take a detailed picture off. One is a crown in a circle and one is an oval going around an "M".
Also it says 14K, 0,585 and 284623
I think everything works.
If anyone knows anything about this watch please tell me :p.


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So what you have appears to be a nice example of a repetition watch.

Repetition means the repeated playing of an acoustic signal in a clock or watch. In mechanical watches this requires a special, expensive additional mechanism, the repetition carillion (chime movement).
Repetitions are well known by the sounds played by church tower clocks (Big Ben, for instance).

Essentially there are repetitions of the following type:
* Hour repetition
* Quarter repetition (French: Repetition à quarts)
* Half quarter or 7½-minutes repetition, also: one-eighth repetition
* Five minutes repetition
* Minutes repetition (possibly what you have)

Due to the high mechanical effort repetitions are regarded as one of the most value-adding complications in a mechanical watch.

Good quality repetition watches can fetch high prices. Hope this helps
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