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Grandfathers pocket watch

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Hi, I joined this forum because I wanted to learn more about a watch my grandfather had. I will post some pictures below.
There is some kind of jewel in the middle, it's pink.
2 seals which I cant quite see, or take a detailed picture off. One is a crown in a circle and one is an oval going around an "M".
Also it says 14K, 0,585 and 284623
I think everything works.
If anyone knows anything about this watch please tell me :p.


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Thank you all so much for all the help, this has really helped me learn more about my grandfather and his father. I will get it looked at by a good watchmaker and have it cleaned. I wont restore the dents and scratches as they all tell a story about my family's history.

Thank you again.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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