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Got a new SSC017, face looks different, could it be fake?

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Hello all,

This is my first post on the website, though I have been following it a long time. I hope I am posting this correctly, and that I am in the right section:

I just purchased a Seiko prospex diver model ssc017. Thought the black and blue match was great and I have been wanting a diving watch for a while. I purchased it from what I believe to be a reputable website (not sure I can mention it) and received watch very very fast, so they were very good with that.

My issues:
Watch does not look like the watch I have seen in EVERY forum and EVERY website.

In the pictures you can see the watch I received has an "X"(prospex logo)" and diver's 200 m under "SEIKO" instead of "SOLAR" and "chronograph" as it is shown everywhere else.

I called SEIKO and said the movement and model number matched, and thst it might be an international version. I have tried the impossible to see if there was another model with the "X" ok it for the ssc017 but haven't found a single one.

Do you guys think this might be a fake/ replica?


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If you bought it from Jomashop, it's legit! I have never, ever heard of Jomashop selling a knock off watch, never!
looks JAKE

never heard of JS selling canal street stuff...just "gray" stuff...meaning real stuff from other continents markets
What a relief! I was definitely sad thinking that I might have to send it back, watch looks great...

So 100% no doubt from you guys that it's real?
"the only thing certain is death & taxes"...kidding

GANSON nailed it...find something real to worry about and enjoy that black & blue
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