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Glycine Combat Sub - need pin-removal tool

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I have this Combat Sub, which is one of my absolute favorites:

I had this band-removal tool, which was great for removing all pins held with access through holes in the lugs. Unfortunately, there was an incident involving an obstinate 5 year old, a door lock, and a toy on the floor which caused the destruction of the destruction of the tool.

So, I have now ordered 3 different new band-pin-pushy-outtey tools, and each of them have had a diameter which is too big to push out pins through Glycine's tiny lug hole.

Anyone know a tool for its removal which fits?
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I mainly used a set of sewing needles of various widths to work on bracelets and bands. I blunt the points some.
I also suggest putting a flat edge on a medium sized needle{1 to 1.25mm} , the flat edge removes the point. This flat edge is great for prying out pins and springbars. You can use a knife hone block to do this.
Along with it , i use a small hammer to help drive out pins.
You can mount the altered needles in pieces of dowel rods, just drill a hole deep enough to hold half the needle, and glue it in. You can also use a pin vise to hold the needles like i do.
Remember the point of the tools are to do the job with out marking up the case.So use many different sizes.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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