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Glycine Combat Sub 2 Tone

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Glycine Combat Sub 2tone Specials 2-Tone Ref. 3863.38 B6-D8D=42mm sin, H=10.9mm (the best thing), 200m, Date, Rubber band, ETA2824 Std rotor decorated.Good packagingPapers OK, and a towell too
Here it is

finishing very good for this price range

In my wrist, my maximum is 38mm, but is confortable because is only 11mm tall

I say NO Diver cause the golden tone is more a dressy than sporty, i think, could be a "Carlitos Way" Diver :)
Good finishing watch, comfortable and some chunky :)
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GregZorba: You selected a good looking strap, where did you find it?
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