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Glycine at Jomashop!

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You guys catch wind of the HUGE discounts on Glycine watches at Jomashop? Great for anyone in the market, not so much for anyone trying to sell one though! :rolleyes:
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After Invicta bought them out they are stained with the "Invicta" mystique of crappy watches.

Better to purchase these watches now (which are solid Swiss watches) being sold for under $300 in some cases, then to wait till Invicta comes out with the "new and improved" Glycine 50mm cased "Grand Venom Subaqua Behemoth" monstrosity fueled with a cheapo Chinese movement.

I'm sure every Russian Mafia member, and every low life gangbanger will be sporting these abominations in the near future.
I've got 4 Glycine watches and love them all... I'm thinking of buying a couple more while they're still housed with decorated ETA movements and retain the original design... No Invicta style behemoth watches for me!:rolleyes:
Invicta makes over 3000 different models every year. More than enough to keep Eyal and the Invicta folks busy. How do you know that they won't just let Glycine do their own thing.
Folks like you should just be happy that IWG saved Glycine from being extinct. And lowered the prices in the process. :rolleyes:
I'm happy about the lower prices to some extent, but I definitely see Invica's influence in some of their more recent designs... I don't like it.
That said... Even years ago Glycine made a few bombs, their triple dial watches in particular. Yikes! :eek:
Funny how an innocent post can get nasty with opinion. We all share a passion if not an obsession with watches here. For me, I've got about 25 watches, most of them automatics, most of them Swiss but all of them from my $99 Parnis to my $1000 plus watches have their charm or their purpose even if they don't get equal wrist time. I've only had 2 Invictas and they were great for the money.
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