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WATCH NAME - Glycine Airman Purist

Glycine is a Swiss brand, they have been around for many years, and more recently were purchased by the Invicta Group. This upset some people, especially in the USA, but the company is run separately, and it’s my belief there hasn’t been a change in quality. This is one of my two Glycine watches, the other being a Combat Sub, which is an excellent value for money Swiss dive watch.

There are numerous versions of the Airman, this being the Purist. They come in many sizes, there is a GMT version, and even a double twelve, for those who don’t like twenty four hour watches.

42mm case, 22mm lug width, 52mm lug to lug, 12.5mm depth, 105 grams on this leather strap. Despite the dimensions, it actually wears very well, and smaller than it sounds.

Glycine boxes are quite generic. A large cardboard box, but fairly premium all the same

The movement is a GL293, which in reality is an ETA2893. It hacks, hand winds, and runs at 28,800 bph. These movements are very well made, reliable, and in most cases very accurate. The movement on this one runs almost like a quartz.

There are two crowns, one for the mechanism, and one for the bezel, which I will come to later. It’s about 7mm and both crowns are signed, but differently. The mechanism crown is hashed, whilst the bezel crown has the Glycine logo on it. The mechanism crown has a very premium feel about it. It pops out beautifully, adjusts perfectly, has a lovely winding action. It is a screw down crown, and the engaging is buttery smooth, and is as good as you will find on any watch, and I mean any watch.

The crystal is double domed sapphire with what looks like clear AR coating on the underside. Surprisingly, the crystal on the rear of the watch is only mineral.

The case finishing is absolutely superb. Other than the bezel it’s polished, which looks fantastic, but considering it’s a type of sports watch, a bit strange perhaps. It is a cushion case, and the back is screw down. Unfortunately, the lugs are very long at 52mm, but fortunately are shaped quite well.

The strap it came on is comfortable and well made, unfortunately its quite boring as well. As you can see, I have put this rather nice Watch Gecko Italian strap on it, which I believe is far more interesting.

It has duel zone bezel, which is adjusted by the second crown. Simply unscrew the crown, adjust the bezel to the second time zone, and screw it back in. The whole operation is easy, and all the components work beautifully, and feel premium.

This particular version has the “off white” dial, and in my opinion looks absolutely stunning. The font and logo reflect the class and quality of the watch. There is a date window at the 3.00 position (9.00) on a 24 hour dial), but on this particular model the index remains. The indices are painted, but there are lume pips in addition. Reading a 24 hour dial takes a little getting used to, but like anything, its simple when you have done so.

The lume is adequate for a flight watch, but is nothing special. I think its C1, but not sure. The hands hang on for a while, but the indices fade quite quickly.

100m with screw down crown and case back. This varies from model to model.

Depending on the exact model, and where purchased, prices vary incredibly. I have seen this watch selling for as much as £1500. I imported this from the USA (Jomashop) and after postage and duty, it cost me about £380. For that price this watch represents incredible value. I would suggest anyone interested in one of these, look around carefully. An average selling price in the UK is about £800, that’s about $1150 USD

QC ISSUES & Dislikes – Likes –
No QC issues, and I wouldn’t expect any on a watch of this quality.

My only real complaint is the long lugs, but buying a smaller model may help. This is worth taking into account if are considering buying one. The lume isn’t great, but like I said earlier, it’s a sports watch, not a diver.

There is much to love about this watch. The finish and overall quality feels and looks like that of a very expensive high end luxury brand. The dial exhumes class, is quite stunning, and the operation of the crowns is fantastic.

There is no doubting the Glycine Airman is an outstanding and beautiful timepiece. I can’t help but think it’s one of those watches all serious watch collectors should own. What’s more, I think this particular watch has the nicest colour dial, but I suppose that’s subjective. If you are thinking of buying one, stop thinking, sell a child, and just and go and get one. However, remember what I said, the lug to lug is a consideration, and the prices vary incredibly.
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What a treat getting to see a review of this one sir ! 😎(y)

Have seen several variations of this watch, and they always
make me take a double take every time seeing them. 😊
With this time being no exception, and especially since we
get the video along with the pics MW ! 🥇:D Because you
really get such a fantastic feel for how the watch is, as well
as the quality level, and neat details. ..Yes, there really isn’t
much if anything not to like.

You know a watch hits on all cylinders when it basically has
no faults. And the price for it all is the icing on this exceptional
watch cake ! 🧁 Honestly have always liked these sir. So have
to thank you for the phenomenal look, and review !!!
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