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Ginault Ocean Rover Bezel Replacement / Prototype

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Good Day,

I have one of the first Ginault Ocean Rover Prototypes, 180260GSLN EN018. I love the watch, but I have inadvertently gashed the bezel, and now seeking to replace it. I see there are ceramic bezel options for the OR, but everything I see references a different model number. Does anyone have experience with this watch and it's bezel replacements?
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Redking, hi just wanted to throw this out there, and see what you
thought. 🙂..Might the other bezel options for different model #'s
still possibly work? Or even bezels that are meant for other watches
like this one below meant for a Rolex?

This way if Ginault doesn't have a direct replacement, you have
other directions you can go. (y)..I bet there are a bunch of places
online, and maybe even on ebay that might have an option. But
here is an example of what I mean right below here...
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