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"A timepiece is an extension of self-- beyond expressing your unique personal style you rely on it to carry you through the rigors of your day with accuracy and distinction."

The Giantto Group is on a quest to end the mundane repetition of the uncreative and ordinary, by not only crafting hand made high quality products, but making sure they are totally matchless and compelling on each and every level. From the precise Swiss movements, to the custom high quality diamond settings, there is nothing that this jewelry powerhouse can not accomplish.

Founded on a legacy spanning several generations and over two continents, Giantto represents the marriage of old world European expertise with striking avant-garde design.

"Like father, like son... a compelling story about an unstoppable father & son duo"

GG is the founder, owner, and designer/creative force behind the Giantto Group. For more than a quarter of a century, this Eastern European craftsman has single handedly created super luxurious diamond pieces specifically for those who want more out of jewelry or a timepiece than the average consumer. His unrelenting motive is to keep the artistry and craft within the industry and to continue to create one of a kind marvel's for years to come. GG has an undisputed passion for his work, and his ultimate objective is to create unparalleled masterpiece.

He selflessly admits, "Sometimes I work too much... I spend really late nights just on designing a clients engagement ring... it is a symbol of a couples love... I have to do it... That client will cherish it forever..."

It is in his blood, the infatuation, the artistry, and overall talent, passed on from generations before him and now following in his footsteps his only son makes certain the families more than inventive approach to jewelry not only lives on but continues to flourish. Anto G. Young CEO and surveyor of all that is in the now, brings a fresh young, approach to the world of high end jewelry and Timepieces for the Giantto Group. Just recently graduating with a business Law degree, Anto spent most of his time in school growing up yet would make certain to always work diligently within the family owned and operated business. Keeping a close eye on trends, fashion, and design, Anto makes sure to further enhance the Giantto Groups domain by putting together endless red carpet events, host upscale fashion shows, and plan aggressive advertising campaigns all with the same goal in mind... . keeping the artistic quality of the craft alive and well.

"An awesome piece of jewelry or an impressive timepiece is one that really blows you away, compelling on every possible level we make certain an admirer of our efforts is not only in love yet is left completely speechless... we insist on it."

GG, the creative force behind Giantto's line of signature Swiss Made timepiece, debuted his distinctive interpretation of the modern timepiece, the culmination of many lifetime of experience, artistry and tradition.

Each timepiece articulates GG's Bold, declarative statement of modern individuality with the grace and sophistication your lifestyle demands.
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