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Hi folks,

I have a couple of modern watches, and then bought a couple of vintage ones... it's a sickness I tell you...

My modest (and not likely to expand any time soon) collection - all automatics:

Raymond Weil 'Maestro'
Luminox Field Automatic
Seiko SARB065 'Cocktail Time'

Seiko 6119-5410 'Diamatic'
Seiko 6138-0011 'Speeedtimer'

The 'Cocktail Time'

The 'Diamatic'

The 'Speedtimer'

This last one is still on it's way to me... and the 'trouble and strife' will be hiding it, until I've paid for it in savings by giving up smoking. At least it's an incentive!

I'm looking forward to learning more about my watches, and watches in general!

Cheers all.

By the way if anyone has instruction books for either of the two vintage Seiko's please let me know!

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Welcome to our fine forum and very nice watches indeed!
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